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The Cake Table Dec 07, 2017 »

Sometimes, because of all the arrangements and last minute preparations to be done, decorating the cake table is overlooked. A beautiful cake has been ordered but decorating the cake table has been overlooked or forgotten.

The cake table should be decorated to compliment the beautifully decorated cake and to make a beautiful presentation for the cake.

I have included some photos of cake tables to give you some ideas you can use in decorating your own cake table.

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by George Fowler

(Demo given at Wisconsin ICES Spring Weekend of Sharing March 25-26, 2006)

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George Fowler

(Demo given at IOWA ICES Day of Sharing November 6, 2005)

I have been smoothing all of my cakes using paper towels for 10 years. At my first cake decorating class we were given several ways we could use to smooth our cakes: hot knife, dampened sponge for a stucco effect, paper towels, etc. I decided I would be most successful using the paper towel method and have used it ever since.

A crusting buttercream must be used to smooth with paper towels. First, I ice the cake and let it…

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5 Of The Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors Jun 22, 2016 »

What are the most popular wedding cake flavors? Knowing what they are can help you make a decision on what type of wedding cake flavor you should choose. With that said, continue to read on to find out what the most popular wedding cake flavors are.

1. Red Velvet- Perhaps the most popular wedding cake flavor is red velvet, which is known for its deep red color. It doesn't taste 100% like chocolate, but it also doesn't taste quite like vanilla. It is more of an in-between taste, and it is rich…

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