Pricing & Packages

No matter what kind of cake you are looking for, Cakes By George has everything you need! Whether you are seeking to feed an intimate party of guests or a whole party, we can create the perfect cake for your special occasion.  Take a look at our pricing and serving sizes for work done by Cakes by George! 

Sheet Cakes (Single Layer)






20 2"x2" squares or 45 3"x1" slices

35 2"x2" squares or 60 3"x1" slices

54 2"x2" squares or 84 3"x1" slices





Round 2-Layer Party Servings 


8 inch

9 inch

10 inch

12 inch

14 inch

16 inch















The number of servings will vary some, depending on the size of the pieces served. An additional charge may apply to party and sheet cake specialty flavors.

Wedding Cakes 

Base Price Per Serving (Buttercream)

Wedding Cakes $3.75 per serving

Bridal Show Display

Basic Tiered Cake Prices

A two tiered cake (6,9) is $195 and will serve about 32 guests if you keep the top tier.

A three tiered cake (6,9,12) is $375 and will serve about 88 guests if you keep the top tier.

A three tiered cake (6,8,10) is $295 and will serve about 64 guests if you keep the top tier.

A four tiered cake (6,8,10,12) is $500 and will serve about 120 guests if you keep the top tier.

A five tiered cake (8,10,12,14,16) is $1115 and will serve about 300 guests if you serve all 5 tiers.

The amount of flowers, elaborate decoration and detail, flavorings, etc. will determine the final price of the cake.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to reserve the date for your wedding. This will be applied towards the final price of your cake. Full payment must be received at least two weeks prior to your wedding day. Payment must be received before a cake is delivered or picked up by the customer.

Delivery/Set-Up Fee For Wedding Cakes

Within a 30 mile radius

Within a 40 mile radius

Within a 50 mile radius

Within a 60 mile radius

Within a 70 mile radius 

Within a 80 mile radius 

Within a 90 mile radius

  Within a 100 mile radius









Wedding Cupcakes 

Cupcakes only iced (no decorations)

Decorated Cupcakes (depending on the type and amount of decorations chosen)

$1.50 ea

$2.00 ea

Cake Balls (Truffles) 

Cake Balls

$9.00 per dozen

Cake balls are cake that has been formed into small balls and dipped in chocolate.  PLEASE NOTE:  Minimum order is four (4) dozen of any one flavor. 

Regular Flavors

Classic White

Fudge Marble 


Lemon Zest


Specialty Flavors

Amaretto White

Autumn Spice

Bailey's Irish Cream



Irish Creme

Kahlua Chocolate

Lemon/Raspberry Swirl

Mango Orange

Margarita Lime

Orange Delight

Pink Champagne

Raspberry Swirl

Red Velvet

Strawberry Amaretto

Strawberry Margarita

Tequila Rose