Cake table

The Cake Table

Sometimes, because of all the arrangements and last minute preparations, decorating the cake table is overlooked or even forgotten. The cake table should be decorated to compliment the beautifully decorated cake and to make a beautiful presentation for the cake.

When selecting the location to place the cake table, take care not to place the table in front of doors, fire extinguishers, light switches, etc. The table should be placed with a suitable background for pictures. A plain wall behind the cake table is best.

Satin material in a contrasting color "poofed up" under the cake and covering the table helps a beautifully decorated cake to "pop". An overlay in a contrasting color is an excellent choice.

Basically, choose darker colors for white or pastel cakes to make the cake "pop".

The cake table plays an important role in the presentation of the wedding cake. Therefore, careful thought and consideration should be given to decorating the cake table.